Rebellious revisions (frankenrox) wrote in humblewords,
Rebellious revisions

He Laughs in His Sleep

He is nothing but a man.

A man with a thousand mistakes and a thousand more packed bags.
Waiting to be unleashed, unlocked, he considers his sources
and laughs in the face of reality with me.
We are just two, making one, unusual mix of love and hate
and spite and psychoticness and infatuation
and passion.

He is nothing but a man.

A man with salt in his hair and a constant tune in his head.
Humming to tidbits of information I may never retain,
he tells me anyway, and I'm certain he'll tell me again.
We live in moments of pleasure and surround ourselves
with listless thoughts of what we'll do and who we care about
and why we cry.

He is nothing but a man.

A man with a heart bigger than he can sometimes handle.
He passes me in silence, pausing only to kiss my shoulder,
or tenderly touch my self-consciousness in order to comfort me --
assure me that he is real. And I am real.
Our hands fit. Our laughs mingle. Our thoughts meet.
Our dreams collide.

He is nothing but a man.
But he's everything to me.
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