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Untitled right now..

How can you stand the sight of me?
This poor pathetic, desperate girl
Who only wants to be loved.
My eyes blood-shot and tear-stained
As I look upon your heavenly face.
A face that has haunted my dreams at night,
Eyes I could drown myself in to ease the pain,
So that you would never know my deep..dark..
Yet you know.
My lips betray me as they utter the words
I never wanted YOU to hear.
Yet you know.
And now as I curl into this fetal position
memorized from a million times before,
Going through the motions of my body,
rejecting my heart for it's wanton lusty ways.
This slut that beats in my chest,
Making me fall at its every sadistic whim.
Desire to rip it out for making me its slave.
Love being nothing but a thorn in my side,
Constantly bleeding as time goes by....
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