Rebellious revisions (frankenrox) wrote in humblewords,
Rebellious revisions

Decisions Gone Haywire

We could surpass the essence of expectations
and not separate tonight.
We could surprise the world with our thoughtful
quips and homely passages.
We could convince those who doubt our purity
of a cleansing route of rights.
Or we could turn around and walk away.

You could apologize for moody tendencies
and maybe cry a little.
You could peer deep into my child-like eyes
and find a bit of wisdom.
You could cease to search for answers in a failed,
out-of-date relation.
Or you could turn around and walk away.

I could deny all disagreements and submit myself
to your every need.
I could subsidize every payment I have made
and hand you the full amount.
I could desensitize my uncanny sense of insecurity
and develop a new perception.
Or I could turn around and walk away.

We could unmix our hands and return our toothbrushes
to their original cups.
We could settle for a quick fix and simple solution
and live with a fear of simplicity.
We could sanctify a compromise, but secretly
wish we'd listened.
Or we could maybe stay.
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