Rebellious revisions (frankenrox) wrote in humblewords,
Rebellious revisions

The Good and the Beautiful

It's a revitalizing relation,
the air between you and I.
And I can't really tell which finger is mine.
And I'm not really sure if I want to get up today.
We could instead soar into another world,
forget the complications, forget the distance,
forget the things we cannot see --
all for the sake of our sanity.
Reach out for the ripples of ever-moving bodies.
Disappear into a dark, black, heavenly bliss.
Look to each other for companionship.
Smile until our lips bleed.
Bold and bleak, the routine returns
and I remember my list of trips and turns.
And we rise with the sun, and we set with the stars,
and even time and agains
become a revitalizing relation
in the air between you and I.
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